Thursday, July 29, 2010

Noah would have been proud - Modern Arks

MODERN ARKS is mixes old and new aesthetics, in the design of contemporary furniture and artwork using re-claimed and recycled relics to create one of a kind pieces. They are located in Nashville, Tennessee and create original furniture, wall art, notebooks and postcards. Their work is a great way to discover unique re-purposed wood products, hand screened prints.

Their shipping crate side tables, is a favorite. By using beautiful vintage crates to create unique side tables with an authentically weathered patina, these are one-of-a-kind and perfectly worn in.  These beautifully recycled antiques maintain the character of historic relics, while creating a new and useful product that is truly unique.

Their furniture and artwork will fit in a range of interior design decor, and are guaranteed to spark conversation.  For instance, "The Shipping Crate Side Table," is just that. Made from an Early American shipping crate, this simple yet elegant table leg structure are combined to create truly unique pieces suitable for any home. The use of authentic antique crates ensures that no two are alike and re-purposing these historic crates ensures they are appreciated for years to come.  Each leg assembly is made especially for the unique crate that it supports. Sized to fit snugly under the crate, gravity makes sure the table works, while making it possible to slide the crate off unharmed. Each piece is truly one-of-a-kind and limited to one. Hand stamped for quality, these tables are sturdy and beautiful.
Another favorite is the "Modern Arks Notebook." These beautiful, antique books are re-purposed into new and useful notebooks. This "untitled" but very elegant book is an authentic vintage books. Each book has been well used, but the beautiful and unique hard cloth book covers are re-purposed into a truly one-of-a-kind notebook. This notebook contains about 40 pages and is a mix of plain white and engineering grid paper. It is handmade and stamped and limited to one.They don't make beautiful book covers like this anymore. It's a conversation starter at school or work, and a rugged and reliable notebook for your everyday use!

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