Thursday, July 1, 2010

Angus of ANGO world!

Angus Hutcheson of ANGO, is an AA grad now based in Thailand, developing both product and architectural designs. He uses natural, highly renewable materials including timber, raw silk, tree bark and silk cocoons that require minimal energy to process.

Started in 2003, ANGO has been building momentum and is now exported throughout the world including Europe, USA, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.

As the chief designer and founder, Angus and his ANGO designs encapsulate a simple balance of nature with form and propose an organic micro utopia, where everyone can live with themselves and each other in playful harmony. They are a kind of allegory about how we can live alongside nature in a technological world.
As ever and as originally summarized by Vitruvius (the first commentator on architecture writing in the first century B.C.), the key goals that ANGO seeks in designs are: truth, integrity, functionality  and delight.
ANGO makes lighting, as well as various furniture pieces. Each are carefully constructed of silks, metals and other organic compounds. ANGO designs idealize a sort of personal ecology, where the users are living with designs that they can form a bond with. They are also about ecology in the known sense of manufacturing things using renewable or easily recyclable materials, in a way that is responsible, and this is an important part of what we're doing. For instance, the diffusers in ANGO lighting are fabricated by hand using natural, highly renewable materials including silk cocoons, hand cast polymer, tree bark and raw silk.
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