Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Christen Maxwell is the daughter of merchants, who found her passion for home products while being raised in her parents' housewares store. She's a New Englander who recently found herself in the Big Apple. She received her BFA in Product Design from Parson's, the New School for Design.  Maxwell has worked as a Product Design & Retail Development Consultant, as well as a Buyer and Visual Merchandiser. Christen recently (very recently) launched her first private collection this Summer, simply called Christen Maxwell. Christen Maxwell is a home collection for living. Her inspiration is taken from travel, art, history, and strangely enough for an artist, mathmetics.  Maxwell's products depict modern abstractions of culture and nature.
Maxwell's Design Philosophy is to "design timeless, well-made objects that transform houses into homes." She finds that using only the purest materials, timeless designs and a sophisticated color palate- every product added to the collection builds upon the overall look and lifestyle brand. Thus creating liveable, modern, objects fit for almost any habitat.

At Christen Maxwell, they do not only design finished products, they also manufacture custom objects as well and all goods are created to their high standards. She is proud to note that all goods are made in the USA, with exception to the collection of baskets made in Senegal.
The collection of sweetgrass and recycked plastic baskets are handmade in Senegal (Western Africa) by working mothers. Maxwell works closely with a former native of Senegal, who is also new to NY. She travels between Senegal and the States monthly to ensure that the designs are consistant and mother's are well taken care of. Maxwell also co-designs with the local artisans of Senegal to create a collaborate, cultural, global product. The product itself is both an enonomic and eco-friendly revival for Senegal. Teaching business practices to the women, while keeping the craft alive with the younger generation. By removing plastic out of harms reach in the feilds and providing fabulous, vibrant colors and timeless patterns, true to their culture.

Besides the baskets from Senegal, Christen Maxwell produces pillows, lighting, fabric buy the yard and custom objects, such as bedding. She hopes to expand on her line as it grows and flourishes.To find out more about Christen Maxwell, please visist

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