Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Essentials for living... 10 Grain

10 Grain is a California based design company inspired by place and driven by a belief that great design should be part of everyday life.  What a concept! They strive to create essential products that provide timeless solutions for sustainable, yet simple living. I think you'll find that their designs are relaxed, but obvious in regard to function and purpose offering flexible solutions for the evolving domestic landscape.

They design and produce furniture for kids, as well as grown ups. Their focused and dedicated team, has a cumulative 70 years of experience in the furniture industry. This extensive background enables 10 Grain to provide the best possible, quality product that weaves seamlessly into the home and translates effortlessly to all audiences.

10 Grain products are designed to create useful and elegant solutions for everyday living . They use reductive designs, which are expressed in timeless forms that recognize a product’s usefulness and necessity while exhibiting the beauty and honesty of its material. It is this design approach coupled with a deep understanding and passion for manufacturing that drives a collaborative process at 10 Grain, resulting in affordable products with total clarity of form + function. They view their products in terms of longevity, not fad in which great design  and fun are mutually celebrated. 10 Grain products are designed and produced to last a lifetime and endure the rigors of use for years to come.

While 10 Grains furniture for adults is nice and eequally pleasing to the eye, I decided to focus on their line of kids stuff, including a line which incorporates designer Paul Frank.  The first piece is the "Play Pad". Setting out to design a modern dollhouse, designer Eric Pfeiffer turned to his daughter’s mini play dwelling, which, after years of use, now served as an awkward table. With that in mind, the Play Pad took form as a groovy, diminutive domicile scaled and stout enough to serve as a side table for a light or books yet, still embracing its basic purpose. Move over Barbie, we’re moving in!

Next we have the "Lounge Desk," where you can sit, store, write. I love furniture that does the unexpected. The Lounge Desk could be a great chair for kids or even adults, but hidden in it’s form is a unique backrest surface ideal for little projects or for aspiring authors and an under seat shelf serves as a cubby for shoes and books. 10 Grain tried to capture the essence of this design in the name Lounge Desk, but it continues to surprise.

Equally as cool is the "Robo Stool."  Here, fun + function is in a simple form. This stackable utility stool is a versatile hybrid and smarter that most robots. The detailed cutouts on each side create an animated face that makes you smile and serve as handles for kids to move the stool wherever they need a little lift or a place to rest.

The "Pop Stick Chair" is  as cool as a Popsicle on a warm, sunny day. Serving as an inspiration for this durable chair, the Popsicle stick harkens feelings of tasty, well thought out design. This sweet chair is lightweight and has a convenient handle, making it a great seat for the tiniest of tikes to transport and chill out in their favorite spot.

The "Chalkboard Table" is a durable set, which includes one sturdy table and two stools. With a chalkboard surface to draw on, this table is bound to inspire the young artist in every family.

In their collaboration with designer Paul Frank, they accented his kids line "Small Paul" for this "Slice Step."  Sometimes happiness is as simple as a step up to the counter! The Slice Step is an essential household item ready to empower kids with 12” of growing power and an easy to grab handle. A staple for every bathroom or kitchen, trips to the cookie jar have never been easier :)

Another item they did with Frank is the "Small Paul Spots."  This simply put is a wall party! Each kit includes 80 movable and reusable spots featuring Julius and Friends in action. Application is a simple three-step process of peel, place then smooth with your hand. What a great way to transform any dull space! Small Paul Spots will adhere to any clean, smooth surface without pretreatment. To rearrange, carefully peel off each image and reposition, then smooth with your hand. Easy stuff and a great look!
To find out more about 10 Grain and where to purchase their
 products for kids young and old,
please visit www.10grain.com


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