Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bring your walls to life with Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown know what walls want! That means, that walls prefer pattern. They don't want to be lifeless, plain and boring. Walls want to be wrapped in pattern and smothered in art. If wallpaper is the stuff that surrounds you, then it should be beautiful to look at, tactile, and personal to you and your home. Dressing a wall with wallpaper and wall art gives you the opportunity to personalize your space to reflect your inner mood. Different walls respond to different decoration. The Graham & Brown team have over 60 years experience identifying the latest trends and designing wall decoration to satisfy all your needs.

Graham & Brown prides itself on its initiatives in the wallcovering market. Today’s renewed interest in patterned papers and dynamic wallcovering effects has much to do with Graham & Brown. They were one of the first companies to work in conjunction with high-profile designers such as Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Julien Macdonald, Hemingway Design and Linda Barker. Graham & Brown's annual Young Designers initiative, in 2006 gave five graduates from the Royal College of Art the opportunity to see their designs come to life as a limited edition range of wallpapers, is continued proof of Graham & Brown’s approach to walls is a medium for “personal expression”. The recent "Drama" collection reflects the best of Graham & Brown’s design heritage in printing and technology.

Graham & Brown now boasts companies in countries all around the world, from the US, Canada, Russia and Holland to France, Poland and China (all locations feature in their award-winning advertising campaign currently running). As a result, they are recognized as a powerful creative source which provide added value for its customers and constantly stretches consumers awareness of pattern and color.

Mark Radford, Director of Design for Graham & Brown says, “It’s vital for us to be well-respected for our heritage, but also to be appreciated for our contemporary thinking and lateral approach to design."  Radford continues, “We want to combine good innovation and excellent, ever-improving design skills with a long-term commitment to the market, understanding what customers want for decorating every wall in their house. We want to inspire people to think differently about their homes.”

Graham & Brown’s future plans are ambitious and global. They strive to be the leading experts in providing decorative wall solutions for people’s homes, no matter where they may be in the world, at an affordable price. Similar to the way that the way high street fashion brings the latest looks to an increasingly savvy, sophisticated market, so too does Graham & Brown want to bring the market great quality wall coverings at accessible prices. “We’re aiming at the smart shopper, someone who recognizes good design for what it is, at every level of the market,” says Andrew Graham, Chief Executive of Graham & Brown.

“With our heritage, there is a strong sense of values and integrity but we are just as passionate about continuing to be a progressive, innovative company. Wallpaper is our backbone but a whole host of decorative wall products is our future. Using our creative talent and experience in design & color trends, combined with a total commitment to always think differently, we are going to develop Graham & Brown as a truly global business, where its history and base is in the UK, but its presence is felt worldwide,” he continues.

“We want people to not only like what we produce but to talk about it, enjoy it, celebrate it.”

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