Monday, July 26, 2010

It's SWARM by Leslie Ocshmann

Leslie Oschmann is an American living in Amsterdam. Her passion for art began at 5, when she assisted her dad at his carpentry shop. She has since honed her skill and created Swam.  Swarm is a company in Amsterdam, a natural progression for her, since her father was Dutch. Here Leslie uses reclaimed objects to make new ones. Found objects in dutch markets, a french home or a Belgian shop, create something rare and unexpected, not too mention beautiful. By preserving the natural charm of a piece, she reveals the new users to its beauty. She does this by re-inventive use and manipulation of juxtaposed materials ie; linen on wood, silk on oil painting and stitching on canvas. 

One of her recent series was “oil paintings on chairs” – a collection of old chairs made new by covering them in vintage oil paintings. Her juxtapositions are stunning, the effect: spectacular, and her chairs have not only featured in magazines around the world but were bought by renown retailers Anthropologie. Leslie was also the Visual Director for the chain as well.

Besides the chairs, Leslie also makes tables, bags, embellished paintings, chests and various furniture pieces. The most accessible and amazing part of what she makes, is her bags! I’m smitten. I love every single one of these bags. The idea of using an old painting, no doubt with a story and making an incredible new bag is so much fun! I really think that it will make you look at vintage paintings a little differently, especially the ones that you find at flea markets that could use a little love.
To find out more about Leslie or where to purchase her items, please visit

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