Friday, July 9, 2010

Amy Ruppel works well with others...

Amy Ruppel is an artist & illustrator living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Birds, woodland animals and the flora they are  in, is what she enjoys most. Painting! She does it nearly every day. Her main medium is computer illustrated drawings printed onto paper that is then layered into beeswax, but sometimes, she says, she "breaks free from the norm and returns to her acrylic paints".

She has several different series of works like " State Birds", "State Animals" and "State Insects", but one of my favorites is the "Mean Birds" series.
Here, the original works were done acrylic on panel. Each print is on 5" x 7" archival MOAB natural rag paper. There is a quarter inch trim of white (paper) around the image area for fancy framing.  They are all signed and dated on backside. Amy claims that she came up with this series because "these are all birds that have in some way or another attacked either myself or my friends… mainly myself". She has lovingly given each bird a name that she says "I wish I had called them at the time". Amy continues, "you see a beautiful bird and admire it so... then one day your vision is dashed to bits by an uncalled for act of violence on their part!" Granted, the birds have no idea that you're calling them a bad name, but we all know it makes us personally feel better to let off a little steam with an expletive now and then. It's payback time! 

Amy has an online sale every month, on her web site. The date and time for the next sale is always posted on her home page.

She accepts commissions of any size and if you are interested in hosting an art show of her work (anywhere in the world), please do no hesitate to contact her. Amy is always looking for new venues to make installations in and fill with new work!
Alongside her online art sales, Amy has supplemented her craving for making things glow with a hearty illustration career. In doing so, she said she feels "honored to have worked with some of the best companies around". Amy has done campaigns for well known brands like Target, Converse, Gnu, Kid Robot, iPop and Blik to name a few!

 Everyday brings a new project and adventure, but she is always looking for more. If you need an illustration,be it spot or full page, artwork for on your product, a logo, or even a small animation, She's your gal.

If you can dream it up in your head, Amy can put in on screen
or paper for you.
To find out more about Amy or shop some of her fantastic artwork, please visit or

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