Monday, May 10, 2010

Some of Brooklyn's Finest - Colleen & Eric!

New-Comers to the Brooklyn Design Show, Colleen & Eric, met while studying industrial design at Pratt Institute. They were brought together over a shared love of offbeat design. Following Pratt, Colleen worked in the environmental non-profit field, while Eric learned the craft of furniture building. Now, these two crazy kids are striking out on their own. Working out of a home studio on Butler Street in Brooklyn, they're a design consultancy, small-scale manufacturer, and idea factory. They now produce beautiful furniture and other great objects.

This year, the duo released a really great and whimsical shelf called “Hold On Tight”, that features a vise-like device that acts as a movable bookend.Simply unscrew the bottom of the vise and move it up or down the shelf to create more or less room for books. It's Genius!  It’s also one of those ideas, that I can’t believe I haven’t seen in production before.

In addition to Colleen & Eric’s shelves, they also debuted a beautiful and really clever side table called the “NorthStar Table“. The top of the table has a series of metal circles embedded in the wood, re-creating a constellation. The cool things is, if you push down on one of them (the circle that represents the north star) a secret drawer pops open! Who doesn't love that idea!?

It's little surprises like this, that make their furntiure so fresh and fun! I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more from this talented team in the coming years and you can view their other items, such as totes and wall decorations at

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