Monday, May 24, 2010

Crywolf - Never say never

Crywolf is a wonderful little company based in Toronto, Canada that was started by Stephanie Drabik & Rose Chang. Crywolf is their brain child (aka their brand). The girls first met in high school and bonded over a mutual interest in art and other hobbies (music, fashion, etc).
As the years passed and both people and things changed,
their friendship remained and similarities grew.

The idea of printing designs onto shirts first came one fateful afternoon in September of 2005. With no prior business background beyond grade 11 economics and grade 10 accounting, the pair signed up for our first business venture, p0isson. P0isson, started out as more of a hobby since they were both wrapped up in their studies (Rose finishing up her Fine Arts program at University of Toronto and Steph finishing up her sophomore year at the Ontario College of Art and Design) and were equally busy with school and part-time jobs. P0isson was an experimental project in design, process and business. Through running around, hustling, bustling, pooling together their resources, trial and error, they were able to gain some much needed experience in the industry. By 2008 they had both graduated and were fresh meat, ready to take on the REAL world. With a strong desire to see where they could take p0isson and a belief that they could make something happen, they decided to quit their part-time jobs (risky) to pursue their venture full-time and thus, Crywolf was born.

The name Crywolf is open to interpretation, but undeniably references the famous fable of the boy who cried wolf just one too many times.
There could be a very compelling reason for why they chose this name (please insert here), or maybe it was mainly because they just plain
liked the name! In short, the Crywolf vision is a mishmash
of their strange, fantastic, quirky and whimsical ideas.

The main concept behind Crywolf is producing limited edition, collectable, wearable and affordable pieces of art. All of their designs are based on the girls drawings,  which they often collaborate on. Their clothing is hand-printed by them as well, making it extra special!
A strong DIY attitude has fueled their work ethic
and been their driving force.

Their inspiration comes from "artists and crafts people
who strive to do what they love, do it themselves,
and make a living out of it".

Since starting out in 2005, slinging 1" buttons out of boxes to random strangers on the street, Crywolf has come a long way to where it is today.They now produce, buttons, pins, bags/totes, hoodies, t's, tanks, mouse pads, plushies, zipper pulls and decals. Like any small company,they have had successess along the way, (with some bumps on the road), but with the help of family, friends, fans and supporters, they push on and commit to keep going and growing!

you can check oout more of their super cute stuff here at

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