Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh Phuc - Van Dang!

Phuc Van Dang grew up in the Eastern part of Jutland, Denmark. With Vietnamese culture as his origin and growing up in the Eastern part of Jutland have mixed ancient East Asian perception of aesthetics with the Western perception of good design. Phuc Van Dang has a background as Graphic Designer but also works with Concept Design and Product Development. His knowledge of commercial design and functionality gives him an edge on quality and innovation that appeals to the demanding design and art consumer of today. He frequently exhibits his skills in Concept Art and Design with Barcelona, as one city where his work is among new art in demand. Interested in all aspects of design and art he explores various different subjects and new ways of expressing his ideas which he translates into his work.

Phuc's inspiration comes from human nature, fashion, music and architecture. He works in and on several mediums, as well as performance installations.

With his series of hand panited cups, Phuc explains "A cup should not necessarily be for storage of liquid only – it can also store a design experience, which gives the coffee break that something extra". Phuc Van Dang has designed a strong impression with his simplistic black line towards the clean white porcelain. The designs are his trademark human-like figures in co-existence with organic creatures and lines spreading themselves from the outside to the inside of the cup, inviting the user to go on an exploration during the filling or emptying of the cup.

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