Friday, May 21, 2010

3 High School Friends = 1 Successful Company - Cerno

Cerno was founded in 2008 by three childhood friends. A designer, an engineer and business analyst who share a passion for design. At Cerno they believe that conflict exists between art and science; and since they acknowledge this conflict, they embrace it and seek to resolve it in every project they work on. Cerno's philosophy, creativity and strength derive from each principal bringing a different perspective and set of skills to the table.

After the three friends graduated from Laguna Beach High School together; Daniel Wacholder, Nick Sheridan and Bret Englander chose to pursue different academic paths. Daniel went to the University of California San Diego where he received a degree in mechanical engineering. Nick chose to follow his dream to be an architect and graduated with a degree in architecture from Cal Poly Pomona. Bret traded the beach for the mountains and graduated from the University of Colorado's School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Daniel saw great potential for the company to extend its reach, and as director of engineering and operations he helped to grow the business from a garage into a successful internationally recognized company.
While studying architecture at Cal poly Pomona Nick worked
at RNM, a large architecture firm in Irvine for several years.
Nick's skill set allows his designs to navigate technical reality
and artistic expression, bringing uncompromised ideas to reality.
Bret began working as an independent consultant where he collaborated with the Englander Company and several developers, assisting with market research, feasibility analysis, product development and marketing.

The well rounded and diverse educational and professional experience acquired by Cerno's founders is what allows the company
to offer a dynamic array of services and products.

Each of the principles' time spent practicing their respected
disciplines brings with it a valuable set of skills and connections,
which are strategically applied to all relevant projects.

Cerno's ability to function as a cohesive team is facilitated
by a shared passion for good design and a willingness
to draw from a varied, but complimentary set of skills.
Cerno's line is made of plywood. Each organic fluid form, is a solid laminated mass comprised of 100’s of layers of CNC milled and hand finished Baltic Birch. The result being stable, strong and long lasting pieces.

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