Tuesday, May 25, 2010

LA Architect Greg Lynn's Animate Forms

LA based architect Greg Lynn was born in 1964 in North Olmsted, Ohio. Greg is a busy man as the the leader and owner of the Greg Lynn FORM office. In addition, Greg is a tenured professor of architecture at University of Applied Arts Vienna and a studio professor at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Department of Architecture and Urban Design, and a visiting professor at the Yale School of Architecture and a director at the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies. (I'm exhausted already just thinking about it!)
Greg graduated cum laude from Miami University in Ohio, with degrees in Architecture and Philosophy, and Princeton University with a Master of Architecture. He is distinguished for his use of computer-aided design to produce irregular, biomorphic architectural forms, as he proposes that with the use of computers, calculus can be implemented into the generation of architectural expression. Greg has written extensively on these ideas, first publishing the book "Animate Form" in 1999, funded in part by the Graham Foundation. Lynn's New York Presbyterian Church in Queens, New York, with Douglas Garofalo and Michael McInturf is an early project which used vector-based animation software in its design conception.

He is credited with coining the term 'blob architecture'. He was profiled by Time Magazine in their projection of 21st century innovators in the field of architecture and design.
Lynn's latest works begin to explore how to integrate structure and form together as he discovered some biomorphic forms are inherently resistant to load. He is also one of the forerunners in exploring and integrating the tools of digital fabrication, into the process of design and construction. Greg has also taught at Columbia Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation and ETH Zurich.

This summer, the Hammer Museum will present a new sculptural work by Los Angeles-based architect Greg Lynn. A fantastical attraction for visitors of all ages, Fountain will be sited in the Museum’s outdoor courtyard. As the title suggests, the work is a functioning fountain made out of large plastic found children’s toys that have been cut and reassembled in multiple layers, with water spouting from its top and pooling at its base. Constructed with more than fifty-seven prefabricated plastic whale and shark teeter totters welded together and unified by the application of a white automotive paint, Fountain will be a gathering place for the warm summer months.

Greg's Fountain is the first architecture and design project guest-curated by architectural historian Sylvia Lavin. As part of Hammer Projects, Lavin will organize a new project approximately once a year over the next three years that will present new works by architects and designers. These projects will be sited in different locations around the Museum.
He received an Honorary Doctorate degree from the Academy of Fine Arts
 & Design in Bratislava.L In 2001 Time magazine named him one
of its one hundred most innovative people in the world
for the twenty-first century, and in 2005 Forbes magazine
named him one of the ten most influential living architects.

to see more of his work or info on his books, please check out

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