Friday, August 20, 2010

A little bit of PuroPapel for your weekend!

Catalina Rojas is the founder and owner of PuroPapel. After studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, Catalina relocated to South Florida to be closer to her family.  She now lives and works from her home studio in Key Biscayne. PuroPapel = ORIGIN Spanish Puro ’po-rõ, literally pure; absolute, complete. Papel pap-pel, a sheet of paper with something written or drawn on it.

PuroPapel is a young company born of the desire to help our customers bring together friends, family, loved ones and co-workers, with witty and appropriate messages. Their bespoken stationery products are created to fit the occasion and convey the sentiment of their customers.  The aim of PuroPapel is to deliver your news, greetings, invitations and thank-you notes through the magic of handcrafted one-of-a-kind custom products.  They firmly believe in detail and precision. This idea of this coupled with a daring design will create an exquisite and unique experience.

Owner Catalina, is known for her handcrafted one-of-a-kind custom paper collections. She is a designer with a unique balance of creative and technical expertise, coupled with a strong background in print. She has a stunning eye for color and form, and her contagious "joie de vivre" have made her a household name. She believes that it is "very important that my clients feel that they have input into the creative process" with her custom work. Achieving a good working relationship ensures a smooth design development and happy clients.

In today's society, our frantic, fast-paced lives, handwritten correspondence is often replaced with an e-mail, e-card or worse, text message. I for one, strongly believe that we should not forget the importance of taking the time to personalize a letter, invitation or announcement. Catalina agrees, it is her "mission is to preserve the art of handwritten correspondence".

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