Monday, August 9, 2010

Incredible little delights from the Yellow Owl Workshop

Christine Schmidt and her hubby Evan Gross are the founders and owners of the Yellow Owl Workshop. Based in San Francisco, California, the Yellow Owl Workshop creates limited edition paper goods, note cards, postcard sets, ceramics, rubber stamp sets, prints, jewelry and other great items for your home.

Christine received her BFA from the Corcoran School of Art and has exhibited across the United States. She handles the designs and Evan handles just about everything else.

Ready for the gallery wall, but formatted for everyday enjoyment, each article is made by hand with expert craft. Yellow Owl Workshop endeavors to create the most eco-lovin' products by using use non-toxic water-based inks, 100% PCW recycled paper and our own mitts for screen printing.

 Their designs are fresh and retro at the same time. Many of their images bring me back to my childhood with fond memories. There is a bit of humor in what they do and what they choose to use for imagery. I have to say, I also really like the European flair on some of their items, it's a nice twist. Yellow Owl Workshop items are not only functional and something to have a staples for day to day, but they make great gifts too!

To find out more about the Yellow Owl Workshop and purchase their designs, please visit

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