Thursday, August 12, 2010

An eye for beauty in nature... Renee Treml

Renee Treml has any eye for nature and it's beauty. She seeks to capture the subtle details of it in her paintings. Details like the delicate weave of a bird's nest, or the curious look of a fledgling bird. The type of things that might otherwise go unnoticed. Treml's paintings feature birds and animals that are local  to her current environment and through her paintings she hopes to make the viewer more aware of the environment around them.  

While living in North Carolina, Treml's inspiration came from time spent volunteering at the Piedmont Wildlife Center Hospital in Durham, as well as her visits to the Carolina Raptor Center in Charlotte. Observing birds in their natural setting.

Treml and her husband moved to Brisbane/Queensland,Australia at the end of 2007. She is currently working on new paintings and scratchboards that feature native Australian wildlife.

Primarily she works with three medias: scratchboard, acrylic mixed media and watercolor. For the scratchboard illustrations, she paints black ink on smooth clayboard and scratches away the ink to reveal the white background. For the mixed media paintings, Treml creates collaged backgrounds using pages from retired books and handmade papers. She then paints directly on top of the collage allowing some of the background to show through the paint. Like many artist, Treml also paints with watercolors. She often uses textured clayboard and watercolor canvas for these pieces.

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