Friday, August 6, 2010

A ceramic treat from down under! Toni Park

Toni Park is a ceramic artist based in Brisbane, Australia. She creates tactile, textured work that seek an aesthetic sympathy, using colour and texture to communicate stories, feelings and thoughts. Park focuses on two main areas of her craft, three dimensional wall art and wheel-thrown functional work.  Park says she finds a "unique and happy balance" in her work and in herself by jumping back and forth between these areas.

Working mostly with porcelain in various forms, Park uses the clay as a canvas. "The bright white smooth surface suits me well, my work leaps off the simple canvas through the use of carvings, colours and textures". She continues, "I also like how much can be added to porcelain to change any number of characteristics".  She alters the clean appearance of the porcelain, by adding stains, rough grog and other clays.

Park has traveled all over the world since she was little, she says her experiences inspired many of her choices and tastes. "You can absorb so much from other countries, cultures and people, not to mention how much it makes you open your eyes and really "SEE"". I think what she means by this is, realizing and recognizing others. I think we typically forget  to keep looking around ourselves when we get comfortable in our own environment. Once you break down that wall, you begin to view things like a child full of wonder again.

Park says that she quickly learned, what she liked and disliked. She likes to  "use those influences to inform my work". She continues, "hopefully it connects with other people and their tastes". I do too! After all, that's what life is all about, connection.

To find out more about Toni Park or where to purchase her work, please visit

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