Thursday, June 24, 2010

The wit & unique design of COMPANY

COMPANY is Finnish based design duo, established by Aamu Songand Johan Olin in 2000. Covering a wide spectrum of art and design COMPANY designs clothes, shoes and various functional articles, as well as spaces, public furniture and interiors. COMPANY works in various fields of design with mixed subject and method in product, graphic and environmental design.
The duo was commissioned to create artwork for a residential building
in Toukoranta, a new housing area in Helsinki, Finland. Their project
kaide-taide (art-handling) bends the railings of the eight storey building
into new shapes, providing places to sit and lean on as well as opening
up new views from the stairwell. Railings are painted in a different tone
of grey at each floor, creating a gradient; the 1st floor being dark grey to the 8th floor being white.

Another one of their projects is Reddress, designed by Song.
It is one of the most unique combinations of art/design/music.
Reddress consists of the singer’s costume, stage and seating for the audience. In an effort to bridge the distance between performer and viewer, Song developed a 3 meter high dress with a flowing skirt 20 meters in diameter that carves out a three-dimensional performance space. Comprised of laminated layers of wool, felt, foam, and velour held together by 12 kilometers of thread. the folds of the dress become a large blanket that provides seats for 238 viewers.
 During the performance, the bodice of the dress rotates so the singer becomes visible to all members of the audience. Song handmade the dress with the of a technical designer, Tuomo Järvimäki, and a professional dressmaker, Sari Manner, during a production process that took four months.
In addition, COMPANY make a wide range of items from furniture, toys, clothing, accessories, shoes - you name it. All of their designs show wit, ergonomic design and functionality and just plain fun!

To find out more about COMPANY and the wide range or projects and products they carry, please visit

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