Friday, June 11, 2010

The 3 Musketeers - Atelier Oi

Partnership is imperative for Swiss designer Patrick Reymond, 
who runs the design studio Atelier Oi with longtime collaborators Aurel Aebi and Armand Louis. Working out of a repurposed motel—
the cleverly dubbed “Moïtel”—in La Neuveville, Switzerland, that 
is part studio, exhibition space, and materials lab, the talented 
team has created pieces for brands from IKEA to Foscarini, and sets scenographic installations for expositions around the world. The workshop "Oi" was founded in 1991 and takes its name "workshop oi" expressing the idea and the dynamism of a group.

Their journey through the study of architecture, design and shipbuilding, meetings of unique personalities like Alberto Sartoris and Ettorre Sottsass, have undoubtedly influenced their work is not confined to the borders closed a single discipline. Thus their work internationally, ranging from architecture, design and scenography, disciplines most often intertwined in their achievements. Their work has been recognized and rewarded by various awards: 1994 winner Europan 3, 2001 Price European Museum of the Year, 2003 IF Design Award 2007 Die Besten Hochparterre magazine (Switzerland), 2007 Living at Home Award in 2008 Product of the Year, Architectural Record, USA). They are regularly invited to various panels, workshops, and teach in the department of design at ECAL (University of Art and Design Lausanne, CH).

The team (no one-man show here), a direct relationship to matter - the part of prototyping integrated agency - are probably the elements that characterize the philosophy and working method of the oi workshop. This kind of reads in their accomplishments, which often arise from an emotional and intuitive relationship in shaping the field. The projects vary in different scales and disciplines, merge into each other in a perpetual metamorphosis. These methods and processes, closely related to experimentation in scale and material, the workshop became a veritable. Aside from their own designs under their namesake, they have also developed product for IKEA, Wogg, Roethlisberger, Swatch, B & B Italia, Foscarini, Louis Vuitton and Bulgari.

Lead founder Patrick Reymond, describes his ideal working environment
 as The Moïtel. They designed the building to fit their work philosophy
 and methodology. His lucky break was the day he met his partners. Reymond says, "We were the only three left at the end of an
 architectural competition, and we won. We complement
 and balance each other, and I probably wouldn’t be in this line
 of work if I weren’t part of this team.”

When it comes to personal heroes, Reymond says "Family and friends.
 They put up with us even though the job often comes first, and it
 wouldn’t be possible without their support". On the flipside,
 antiheroes "Arrogant 
upwardly mobile people".

His most irritating buzzword "The recession" and highest compliment
 "That what we do is useful and makes people happy".

When asked what the best advice he's ever received Reymond answers,
 " To learn from others and, above all, unlearn what we think we
 already know".
With all of the trios success and accolades, the one thing they
 all wished for... "More time." How true, how true.

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