Friday, June 25, 2010

The art of the silhouette - Mike Miller

Inspired by the graphic potential of found objects and photographs, Mike Miller is an artist and antiques dealer who sells a variety of "cultural relics". These "relics" include everything from a 1940's neon coffee shop sign to a pair of freestanding mannequin legs, which are slightly chipped.  In addition to running his Reading Pennsylvania antiques business called "Lo and Behold", Miller is a photo collage artist who brought the silhouette back into style. Miller cuts out vintage photographs of individuals and groups and then reverses the images to create his signature graphic silhouettes.

As of late, big companies have been bringing in independent artists to do special guest collections. Target and West Elm, just to name a few. Once these giants proved that it was a viable idea - affordable designer collections for the mainstream, I am always being pleasantly surprised when opening magazines, catalogs and print ads. You never know who will pop up next! This month's surprise came from West Elm, as they have taken on a brand new collection of artwork and pillows from Mike Miller.

Simple, classic and affordable are just a few words that come to mind when viewing the latest collection. These pieces would look great in any home or office.

To find out more about Mike Miller or the other the designers featured by West Elm, please visit

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