Friday, November 12, 2010

Pawling Print Studio = Simple, Fresh & Adorable

Pawling Print Studio is the creation of sisters Trisha and Janet Snyder, who both have backgrounds in architecture, engineering, and graphic design respectively. Together they make handmade prints and patterns for the home, that are fresh, clean and ideal for any design style. Based in Washington, DC and New York, the studio focuses on environmentally responsible production as well as clean, understated design.

The name Pawling came from the sisters grandfather, who was a photographer and a painter. He spent a great deal of time, teaching the girls how to draw and paint when they were younger.

The decision to take the self-employment route is not always an easy one. In retrospect graduating in a down economy gave them the opportunity to try what they really wanted to do rather than what they were expected to do. Of course that doesn’t mean they knew it at the time.
As far too many people know...searching and applying for employment is a full time job in itself, so although they weren’t giving up a job in the traditional sense, the decision to start PAWLING as a full-time venture was no small leap of faith. The two had both been secretly toying with the idea while in school, but were too afraid to tell anyone. Once they sheepishly started talking about it with each other, the sisters found that they couldn’t stop. They were both so full of ideas and excitement that they knew we had to take the idea seriously. It certainly helped that they were in it together!

The pair makes calendars, tea towels, pillows, notebooks, cards, art prints, totes and onesie.

To find out more about Pawling Print Studio or to purchase a tote for me :) please visit


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